Sunday, September 28, 2008

good bye for a month.

So today is a bitter sweet day. In Church this morning our Bishop challenged our ward to stay away and not use any electronic devices for the entire month of October. That means No T.V. No Computer, No Video Games, No Texting, No Radio, No I -Pod, No Blogging, and to try and not use our cell phones. (only on a need to bases).

So Robert and I made the decision at the moment it was asked of us, that our family would participate in the Bishops month long challenge. It is going to be extremely difficult for me because when the kids get a little out of control, I put on a movie, let them play video games, or let them play games on the computer. When I get a little board I watch a movie to search the net.

So now that I have to be a more hands on Mom and can not rely on electronics help me with my children or my self, it seems a bit scary to me. I never realized how much I have depended and used all of the many thing that we have now been asked to take out of our home.

Yet at the same time I am very excited for this opportunity, this will be a wonderful learning experience for myself and my children. I hope that we will become closer as a family, as we now need to keep each other entertained.

So I should be back in November.

P.S. if you are wanting to see a great movie see this one. It is about the Highland Rugby team from SLC. It is a great movie.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Another Adam adventure! For a few weeks I have been a little worried about Adam climbing out of his window, because he has been opening it a lot and talking to his friends. So I mentioned it to my neighbor Annalisa, and we talked about it for a bit and laughed...ha ha ha. Well HE DID IT!!! Adam Broke out his screen, and was throwing toy's out the window to Collin (Annalisa's son) . Well one of the toys got stuck, Adam came to let me know and I told him that dad would get it down with the ladder, when he got home from work. Adam said ok and went on. Well about 10 min. later Adam and Collin came running to me so so excited...
Adam said, "Mom I got my TOY!"
"Adam how did you get your toy back?" I replied
"I don't know mom i just got it" He lied.
So I asked Collin, " Collin did Adam got on the roof to get is toy?"
"um um Adam what should I say?" Collin asked Adam.
Again I asked, "Adam did you go on the roof to get your toy??"
"I just got it some how mom..."
So I asked Collin again, "Collin did Adam go on the roof?"
"um um yes" he replied.
well now Adam is busted! All I could do was walk away. I did not know what to do. I was so mad I had to leave. Then Adam and Collin went to school shortly after this happened. I went to Home Depot and invested in a window Lock!!!I put it on Adams window and when he got home from school I asked him to try and get out of his window. (I wanted to make sure he could not get out).
HE was able to open it, but only about 4 inches. Adam turned to me and said, "mom get this thing off!! Who put it on? Get it off!!" (the lock) " Mom, help me get this off!"
I said, "No Adam. I put that there so that you can't get onto the roof. You could fall and get hurt. It is very dangerous!"
"No it's not mom. I can do it. I went last time and I was fine" He said confidently.
"Sorry Adam, it's not coming off!"
And then he freaked! "MOM TAKE IT OFF!!!!!! I cant even put my head through the window mom!!!!!! MOM YOU SAID I CAN PLAY ON THE ROOF, TAKE IT OFF!!!' ( now he thinks I said go play on the roof because i asked him to try and open his window). And then he just started CRYING because he can no longer go play on the roof... I just had to walk away again....
So Adam was in the bathroom for awhile with the door shut doing his thing.... So I thought.... I should have known better! After all the DOOR WAS SHUT! When does Adam ever shut the door to go the bathroom. Well he comes out all is well and I think nothing of it, he got some water on the floor big deal, ( good he is washing his hands). BIG MISTAKE, at least when Adam is involved. A few days later when I am washing my hands and am looking around, I look up high in the mirror and what do i see.......... TOILET PAPER ON THE CEILING!! this picture does not do it justice! ( we had some fall) . This is LIFE WITH ADAM! we never know what we are going to get!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where have I been

So my nose has been stuck in a book! I hate to read and I never, never, do it. But.... I love these BOOKS!!!! I know that these books are a love or hate relationship. And I am one of the many who love them. Of course I do it took me only a week and a haft to read all four. I love it! (I can't wait of the movie).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008